Monday, May 23, 2011

These days are beautiful.  Nature is a welcome distraction after so many months of being trapped inside these four walls.  Today I jumped with Hayden on the trampoline.  When I was all jumped out I laid down while he ran and jumped over me.  I watched the trees sway like matchsticks it the wild spring wind as it pushed a beautiful mess of clouds across the brilliant blue sky.  These trees have known me longer than my husband.  They were there on those hot Pennsylvania nights of my teen-hood when I would sneak quietly through the house at midnight, fling the screen door open, and run through the yard jumping fully clothed into the cool waters of our pool.  They watched as I sank effortlessly into the moonlit waters holding my breath until the burning need for air pushed me up through the calm surface. They were my audience as I wrestled with sixteen, seventeen, and eighteen.  When everything else was shifting they were constant.  Thirteen years later they are still here watching, listening, and holding my secrets in the twists and bends of their weathered branches. 


aola said...

I talk to the trees that have been my guardians for all of my life.. Grandmother tree (a huge sycamore with smooth white skin/bark) and Grandfather tree who has been standing in our backyard for probably a hundred years or more and for sure all my almost 60.

and we are teaching Zoe... she takes the time to give each one a hug and declare that it is most certainly..."tree"

Unknown said...

Trees have a special magic all their own.