Friday, February 12, 2016

Putting it out there.

I live in the smallest city in the U.S.A complete with three restaurants, two bars, a bank, and a grocery store.  I moved here after spending eleven years in the land of plenty of everything.  Grocery stores and Starbucks littered every street corner.   I felt like a stranger in that land.  A girl from a small town in Oklahoma. A girl who grew up attending church twice on Sunday and every Wednesday night.  California stretched me in places I didn't know needed stretching.  It changed me.  Then I left it. I moved across the country and once again feel like a stranger in a strange land even after 7 years here.  The truth is, I'm not sure I fit in anywhere.
Everyone is talking politics.  I watch the debates. I read the stories.  Everyone has a favorite.  I've no favorite.  I pick and chose pieces from each.  I'd like to mush them together like a beautiful play-doh rainbow of politicians.  I agree and disagree even with myself at times.  I see a panel of candidates and they mirror a vast and colorful country and people. I feel like that is what makes us beautiful and amazing.  We can't forget to embrace that.  How boring would it be if we all agreed on everything?  Even worse what would we have to post on social media about?

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