Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

A little girls heart is so much deeper than I ever imagined. As I am reading "Captivating", I am watching my daughter and responding to her in different ways. Things I thought I should be teaching her ,as a mother, are dead wrong. For instance, since she has come to live with us my little beauty queen has loved looking in the mirror. She primps and prisses and smiles at herself. Being the mindfull mother I am, I always shoo her away from the mirror spouting some nonsence about what she sees in the mirror not being as important as whats in her heart. Why do I feel the need to minimize her physical beauty? I'm sure it's seeded in the fact that growing up as a twin I was always compared to my sister. Everyone told me I was the prettier one. It killed me. To me, my sister was beautiful and I couldn't image why people would say such a thing. It caused me to despise beauty. We are all beautiful and we should be allowed the chance to revel in it. Little girls should be told they are beautiful inside and out. It should not be something we try to hide or minimalize. Our physical beauty represents God's beauty. He created us in his image. I'm learning to delight in her beauty with her. I tell her how captivating her green eyes are and how completely unique each of her freckles are. There is no other little girl anywhere in the world that holds the piece of beauty that God gave to her. If she wants to spend a few extra minutes staring in the mirror at that beauty, I don't mind a bit. At least she isn't looking at a magazine wishing she looked like someone else.

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aola said...

I so totally agree with you on this, Sandy. When I was growing up my Mother never, ever told me I was pretty. I'm sure she was trying to keep me humble but that is not what it did. It made me feel ugly. I tell Emmy over and over and over how beautiful she is.