Tuesday, February 21, 2006

It was a good weekend. We all had the day off yesterday, so we spent a lot of time together. We were a normal family for a few days. It felt good. We watched "Flight Plan" which I thought was pretty good. I had heard that it was predictable, but I didn't think so. We also watched "Just Like Heaven" which I thought was a cute movie and "Hide and Seek" which was okay. It was not as scary as I thought it would be, but it was a little strange.
I went over my credit report. We are working on becoming more finacially stable. Niether of us had very good examples while growing up. We've made some poor choices in the past, but we have a plan and we're working on it. Our credit isn't the best, but it isn't as bad as I expected it to be either. There are a few questionable things on my report that envolve someone applying for a home loan which I have never done in my life. That's a little scary.
Erin is out of school all week. That should make for a very interesting week. Her friends from Seatle are visiting at the end of the week. She will be so excited to see them.

Confession: I love Lisa Lobbs new show "Number One Single" She is so cute and funny.

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Kristen said...

I like the new Lisa Loebb show, too. I've only seen one episode, but I really liked it.