Saturday, June 09, 2007

Finally the little green light on my DSL modem is staying green longer than a few seconds. Thank you AT&T!
It's a beautiful Saturday and I am working. At least I have two very large windows to let in all the beautiful sun. We were planning on going to the lake with Laurie tomorrow but it turns out I have to work. David is supposed to work, but I just can't do that to him. He works six days a week as it is and tomorrow he is only on as a back up for his job which should mean he will have some time to rest. So, when my boss scheduled him to work tomorrow, I told him I would work for him. I am such a nice wife! I just keep repeatig to myself "only three more months, only three more months".
Plans have changed regarding where we will live when we move. I'm not really suprised. I'm looking for a place to rent again.
I leave for Mexico in three weeks and three days! I can't believe I'm really going!
Erin graduates from Fifth grade the Thursday. They are having a pool party and fun day on Monday. I can't believe how quickly the year went. My little girl is growing up!
Have a good weekend!

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