Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Having TWO days off in a row is bliss! For the past few weeks my schedule has been a little crazy. I've been working on days that I am normally off and going longer than normal stretches without a day off. I am in the middle of training someone now. Hopefully I will have normal days off soon. My boss has given me Friday/Saturday off which will be wonderful! It means I can visit the local farmer's market, something I've been wanting to do for a while now, but have never able to do because I work on Saturday.
Erin and I visited a very cool and very expensive bead shop yesterday. The vibe of the store is very bohemian which fits it well. The beads range from basic glass beads to crazy beads made out of peacock feathers that are $16 each! I fell in love with a strand of fall colored beads, but it was $48. A little too pricey for what I sell. I purchased some lovely turquoise and brown beads that came close to what I was hoping to find.
We've been watching season one of Joan of Arcadia. I watched the show while it was on t.v. and have watched the dvd set once, but it's a show I could watch again and again, especially with Erin. It brings up so many really good questions for us to chew on.
Is anyone else watching Eco-Tech on the Science channel? I love it! It's great to see the creative ways people are taking care of the environment. Last night's episode showed a city in India that is powered by cow poop! How amazing is that? It also featured land fills in the U.S. that are using the methane gas they create as a form of free/clean energy. It's really exciting to hear about ways we are saving our planet instead of all the doom and gloom they bombard us with on tv.

Did any of you read the story on Yahoo! about Kiva? I'm seriously considering participating. I'm searching for a business now.


Kristen said...

I've heard of Kiva; it looks really cool! My mom loves Joan of Arcadia.

aola said...

I love to watch shows/read articles about being green, I get lots of good ideas. I try to incorporate as many of them as I can into our daily lives.

I've got to get a clothes line up!!!

Unknown said...

Isn't it cool how the old ways are suddenly 'green'?

A clothesline was how my grandmothers both dried their clothes forever. A dryer was just too expensive to even think about getting. Gardening and home canning were facts of life. You grew your food and canned it, or you didn't eat. You sure couldn't afford meat every day. Maybe once a week or so. You needed to get somewhere, you walked. You had a party, everyone brought something to eat. In the summertime, the house was just hot.