Friday, December 07, 2007

Long and Eventfull

The day started with Erin and I arguing. Lately, our days begin like this. She loves to question and argue. When she is older, I will probably love debating topics with her, but for now it's annoying. We always manage to get through it and she always apologizes in the end, even if I have to make her. :O) After arguing and school work we went to lunch with a friend. The friend we went to lunch with is a super sweet lady who happens to have MS. She's been asking me to go to lunch or coffee for a while now and I just never did it. Finally today we went and Erin got to meet her. Erin was so helpful! She got her drink and her order for her and helped her walk to the car when we left. It was a side of Erin I don't often see. It gave me the tiniest spark of hope that some of what I am trying to teach her about being kind and generous is seeping through.
After lunch we went Christmas shopping for my niece and nephew. I just can't resist buying them new clothes. Normally, I would want to be the super fun, buy the coolest toy aunt, but not for these two. They love getting clothes way more than they enjoy getting toys. They are both very particular about what they wear and always make sure their outfits match. It makes clothes shopping for them so much fun.
After shopping, it was off to Home Depot for the Christmas tree. We found the perfect one and will set it up and decorate tomorrow.
The day ended with us making the cutest little snow men out of tube socks! I found the idea last week and knew I had to make them. I'll post pictures tomorrow.


aola said...

I've always known that Erin had that "special something" that is in people with the sort of compassion it takes to love someone different. There aren't very many girls her age or any age for that matter than treat Emily the way Erin does.

Sounds like you guys had a great girls day out!

Kristen said...

Can't wait to see the tree!

I have been wondering lately how to instill compassion in a child; maybe I'll blog about it and ask for advice.

Unknown said...

Tubesox snowman...I wanna see that.

Katt said...

Hey Chicky. Sounds like you and Erin had a good day.
Erin is going to be fine..she has had so much prayer poured over her and since she had come to you, so much love and affection. Your doing a great job ...dont ever doubt your ability with her, or the power of God to make things come out right.
Love Ya