Saturday, December 15, 2007

Proving it to myself.

I'm meeting with my friends again today to do an additional photo shoot. I was not happy with the shots from the last one. As practice, I took Erin out yesterday. Granted, she's beautiful which makes getting a good shot super easy, but I did expirament quite a bit. Overall I took about 200 shots and walked away with twenty or so that are "keepers". Here are just a few. I'd love your thoughts/opinions.


Kristen said...

She is a gorgeous girl. I love that last photo. So relaxed, confident...somehow captures her personality, too.

Unknown said...

They are wonderful.

I like your use of depth of field. Experimenting is key.

I'd like to see the top one in black and white.

aola said...

Great shots.

Is that a new hair color?

Sandra said...

Thank you so much for your comments! I really appreciate it. After the last session I was feeling pretty crapy. This session didn't go so well either, but it wasn't the photos that were bad.
A, yes that is a new haircolor! She begged and pleaded until I gave in to letting her get one of the wash out kids. Now she can't wait to have her natural color back. I tried to warn her.

R said...

I love the shots of the toes.