Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's hard to be sad when life is so beautiful. We drove into town yesterday, something we do entirely too often. The view as we wound our way through the mountains was breathtaking. The fall foliage is ablaze with shades of red, orange, and yellow. We live in farm country and the landscape is littered with farm houses and big red barns. Erin and I comment on our favorite houses every time we pass by them. One of our favorites is a modest two story white farm house with a wrap around porch complete with two rocking chairs. I imagine what it would be like to sit in one of those chairs and sip coffee on a crisp fall morning.
My grandma and aunt made a surprise visit last night. One of the local chemical plants had a chemical leak that caused a cloud of sulfuric acid. My grandma's house was in the evacuation area and when we couldn't reach them by phone David went to check on them, but they weren't home. Shortly after he got back they showed up here. They had been at bible study when the sirens went off. Luckily no one was seriously injured and the chemical cloud has dissipated. While they were here, we played Disney Scene It. My aunt is the Disney queen! She is the reason I love Pollyanna and Peter Pan. I'm almost certain she owns every Disney movie ever made. My grandma fed and cuddled Hayden while we played. She refused to lay him down in his bassinet to sleep.
Speaking of Hayden, he is growing so fast! He weighed 9.6 at his first doctors appointment. I'm torn between wanting him to grow and wanting him to stay a baby forever.
Erin is amazing with him. She hold him and talks to him. She tells him how handsome he is and showers him with affection. It makes my heart melt!


aola said...

This makes me smile!

Christi and your Aunt should have a showdown sometime... we won't even play Disney trivia with her anymore because she beats us so bad.

She knows all the freaking songs from all the Disney movies.

I love the picture of Erin and Hayden together.

Unknown said...

What lovely photos, his cord is almost done!

Erin looks like the best big sister in the entire world! What a gem.

I'm glad that nobody was harmed by the chemical cloud.

R said...

this is lovely. and i need your address again. i know you already sent it, but i suck like that.

Kristen said...

I thought I had posted a comment, but I guess I didn't... :)

Been thinking about you guys and how you're surviving! I think we all knew Erin would be wonderful with him.