Wednesday, November 07, 2012


All the leaves have fallen.  Their dull yellow, orange, and brown remnants are spread across the lawn, their final resting place.  The sky is grey blue and streaked with wispy white clouds.  Last night I stood outside in the crisp night air and watched each exhale climb it's way towards the impossibly distant stars.  Lately I have felt so far away from myself.  Busy doing, seems to be my story.  There are times when just making it from day to day takes all of the energy and willpower I have. So much of the last four years has been wrapped up in one drama after another; having Hayden, open heart surgery, recovery, Erin, school, Erin.  I am ready for the stillness that winter will bring. I'm ready for the silence of snow gently falling and smoke rising effortlessly from chimneys.  I am ready for shorter days and longer nights.  I'm ready to rest. 


aola said...

We have been unusually busy for what seems like forever. Getting Seth into school and all that entailed, now keeping him is BUSY. Mark and I are both close to a breaking point. I kept thinking after Em's surgery we could slow down and rest,but, not so far.
Here's hoping we all can find a place of peace and rest this winter.

Sandra said...

I hope so A! It sounds like many of us need it. I'm glad that business is doing well. That is very good news!

McMom said...

Rest sounds good! Trying to do some of that today!

If my son gets married there will not be much rest this holiday season! Im afraid it will fly by and almost be forgotten....... don't really have much money for gifts so maybe that is good. We will just have to find a way to celebrate a simple Christmas and focus on the real reason for the day!

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love fall too!

sandy toe

Sandra said...

Cheri, simple seems best this year. Sandy, thanks for stopping by!